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Wineestate  ...

The family winery WIMMER-CZERNY is situated in the eastern part of Austria on the northern waterside of Danube river valley, in the little winevillage Fels am Wagram, part of the region Wagram.

"Löss"wall of 20 m in vinyard FUMBERG

Terroir of “WAGRAM”...

which makes our wines very special, comes from a  aromabuilding climate of Danubevalley (big differences between temperature between day and night) and  deep soils of “Löss”, a sandy clay with a depth of 20 m. It was blown by the wind during ice age from the broken stones at the glaciers of the alps to the Danube.

Danube river flows at 180 m and our highest vinyards are at 370 m on the top of the slope.

Region Wagram  with 2500 ha vinyards in north of the valley of river Danube is famous for its deep soils of Löss. It stores water very good, especially if the summer is hot and dry, no need for irrigations. It makes very balanced wines, not so hard like on primary rock, but buffers the acidity with its minerals very good. Every kind of minerals of the alps is inside, but Löss dont enclose much organic mass or nitrogen.  To get fertile, it needs diverse life to open it to the roots of vines.

 Its deep canyons is home for lots of rare animals, birds and flowers, we take care about them...

looking west from vinyard WEELFEL


Vines ...

Our 15 ha vinyards grows in Fels, Gösing und Feuersbrunn, only looking South to Danubevalley, between 220 m and 370 m. We produce 80.000 bottles a year, 90% white wine. Mainvariety  is GrünerVeltliner (60%), than  Riesling (10%), RoterVeltliner (10%) - century-old  speciality of our region- and Zweigelt. The rest is Weißburgunder , Traminer and SauvignonBlanc

We love to work with elder vines between 20 and 40 years, so the yields are rather low, but the roots are as deep as possible.

fixing the brunches up to the sunlight

Biodynamic wine...                                            

The vine has a singular ability: All forces, which is saved in other plants only for the recent germ, which flows only into the seed and into the remaining of the plant, is poured in at the vine also into the pulp inside, all what was brought in the grape even to the highest tension, becomes available to humans.”
Rudolf Steiner, 1913

Our whole farm, 15 ha vines and 12 ha fields, all our products and animals and fruittrees are certified biodynamic, 2005 we began to bring out the Biodynamic preparats . We are an certified farm of DEMETER, the biodynamic way of agriculture is the most sustainable way for better grapes and to find the face of the soil in the wine.

We prune arrows and form a high slim leafwall (0,8 - 2,2m), handwork is important, but for a perfect result in every 15 ha only possible with good machines, especiall in 25 - 40 years old gardens.


Diverse life...

An empty house will find soon new settlers, and mostly unpleasent ones. Diverse life regulates itself. Bees, beetles and insects and animals needs food, we feed them - diverse flowers and plants is the base.

1 - 2 times a year we sow a mixture of seeds for flowering vinyards and to hold organic mass and roots and to feed live inside our soils. The rich live opens the fixed minerals in the soil and brings diversity in our wine. Own Compost comes every several years.

The vinyards are our most important part of our winery.

To use no pestizides means, to have as much diverse life as possible, and they help all together.

(This picture shows, that is enough food there and no poison)

Smaragdeidechse im Weelfelweingarten



Beautiful Smaragdlizard in "Weelfel"vinyard, hunting insects

Our cattle on the field, in background right our vinyards of WEELFEL and FUMBERG, in middle compostpiles

The 3 most important animals on a Biodynamic farm ?

bees, cows , rainworms... all 3 have their place here in Fels am Wagram



The farm should work in circles, with its own materials as much, so the herbs and seeds bring better results, if they come from surrounding from own hand. Different parts like vinyards, fields and animals brings synergies. Thats the reason, why we work with several animals of old traditional races, like cows, pigs and goose and chicken.



Its one of the principles of Demeter to hold animals with respect, give them their needs and therefore belongs for house-animals also  .... human contact

Events on our winery 2016














It is easy to taste all wines and take part on all cultural activities like music, paintings and listen to famous Austrian poets. And of course lots of organic products of Wimmer-Czerny or our organic friends in the region Wagram.(Cheese, bread, herbs, vegetables, corns,...)
25.June 2016
We show you different dishes of Mangalitza-pigs (an old local high-quality-race) in combination with paired wines. (For human metabolism the meat and fat of Mangalitza-pigs is very easy to take into the body, hungarian sience study at Mangalitzastudy)

Johann Czerny Sen. & Jun. at Gr.Veltliner harvest vintage 2002


In the cellar ...

Hans Czerny works very minimalistic, only the necessary action is done:  no additives, no or late and little filtering, natural yeast, decanting at the right moment, long settlements and contact to fine yeast, -  to keep the soul of the wine. DemeterAustria-cellar-rules 2006 are the dream of every winelover, keeps out of cellar all the bad practices.

Harvest only by hand in boxes, intact skins by gravity into press and long contact between skins an juice. No fermenting computer,  our wines are wellknown for their own handsign, the special style of Wimmer-Czerny.


People ...

After 2 generations "Wimmer" we wrote in the 60ies at the first time our wineryname - Wimmer-Czerny - on the labels,  it shows a part of our history. 1993 gave the Seniors Anneliese and Johann the estate to Ing. Hans Czerny jun.  Hans Czerny makes wine since 1987. Other family: his wife Astrid, daughter Theresa (1998), son Matthias ( 2000), son Johannes (2003), and last not least son Simon (2007).

More pictures...


Weinflaschen Weelfe, Fumberg, RoterVeltliner


Wines ...

WIMMER-CZERNY is wellknown for ist many different Veltliners and own fruity style. Since 1988 there is the light fresh Veltliner HEFEABSTICH , the other Veltliners are more fullbodied - FUMBERG, WEELFEL und FELSER BERG . Weißburgunder SCHEIBEN is classic style,  Riesling comes also from vinyard WEELFEL, gives peaches and apricots every year, we make also a Reserve: GÖSINGER FREIHEIT. Small quantities of SauvignonBlanc, Traminer TRIO (grapes of Red, Yellow and Gewürz-traminer) und RoterVeltliner are beloved. With red wine we make a traditionel Zweigelt from 40 years old vines - Ried HAMMER is the fruity Version - and Reserve: AEOLIS, produced since 1987. If the year allows great qualities, we make Trockenbeerenauslese or Icewine of Veltliner or Riesling.

Roter Veltliner is our very rare, several thousand years old, traditional grape, brought 2000 years ago by romans to Noricum, today it is in Slow Food Arch of Taste, it is our pearl in our wine list. LINK SlowFood Foundation for Biodiversity
Photos:...grape pictures of 2014...


SALON Österr.Wein, winners in magazines like ALACARTE, FALLSTAFF, VINARIA, Gault-Millau 2 grapes; ; Germany: “MundusVini” Gold; WineSpectator 90 Pt. with G.Velt.Weelfel 2005

 Wimmer-Czerny-Wines are since the 80ies in wineguides between the best Austrian wineries.







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Tasting at the winery in Fels am Wagram between 9 und 17 h. Every first weekend of May we open the doors of the estate for a festival of wine, music, painting, literature and Bio-food-market: “WEINKULT”.

Ceremonial menue: "Mangalitza" - 2 times in June. We work in cooperation with a farmer in neighborhood to show traditional food of our region in combination with our wine.


Memberships & Sponsoring...


We cooperate for our organic philosophy and a good development of our wineregion, for Organic wine and agriculture in common with other groups.




Wagram region has 2500 ha vines, Fels am Wagram has 850 ha vines , since 12.Jhdt is winetrade along the Danube important.

5 wine regions,  Kamptal, Kremstal, Traisental, Wachau, Wagram

 meets here in a circle of 30 km.


EUROPAFels am Wagram is situated...

 ... In the middle of Niederoesterreich

 ... 5 km north of Donau river

 ... On the Kamptalroad B34

 ... 17 km east of Krems / Donau

 ... 80 km west of ViennaMap of vinyards of Fels, Feuersbrunn and Gösing